The popularization of the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes has led to the growth of a global community of designers and developers who use the Divi framework to build premium Divi Child Themes.

If you’re not familiar with Divi or what a premium child theme is, then think of it this way: Divi is like the barebones frame of a modular home and premium child themes are like the ready-made styles/kits that turn your basic frame into an “out-of-the-box” beautiful home.

With the growth of the global Divi community, hundreds agencies and collectives have created online stores to sell these premium Divi Child Themes.

This list highlights the top 10 leaders in the Premium Divi Child Theme Store marketplace:

1. Monterey Premier



We are a website design agency that partners with our clients so that they get the knowledgeable, professional, and strategic consultation they need when building a new website. Our mission is to provide you website expertise, helpful resources, and professional services you can trust and rely on whenever you need it.

2. Elegant Marketplace


Elegant Marketplace provides a vast selection of child themes, plugins, layouts and resources. We exist solely to provide free and premium child themes, WordPress themes, WordPress and Divi support and a learning platform for all things Web and allied business support.

3. Aspen Grove Studios



We’re code geeks and design freaks with a love for helping businesses succeed. We’re a globally dispersed WordPress development company that specializes in building powerful tools for our clients and customers. As the team behind Aspen Grove Studios, Divi Space and Potent Plugins, we’ve built a collection of leading WordPress, Divi and WooCommerce products, including themes, child themes, plugins and more.

4. BeSuperfly



BeSuperfly delivers Divi child themes and plugins that will rock your world. We develop solutions to help make your life simpler. Our themes and plugins will jump-start your web design projects and set you (far) apart from all the rest. Don’t be a poser. Be superfly.

5. Divi Cake


Divi Cake is a Community Marketplace for Divi Child Themes, Layouts & Plugins. We’re here to provide value and knowledge to every visitor. Whether it’s our exclusive offers and deals, or the ever-growing treasure trove of tips, tricks, tutorials on the Divi Cake Blog, we’re committed to the community as a whole. At Divi Cake, everything is crafted with real love for Divi.

6. B3 MultiMedia



B3 Multimedia Solutions is a creative studio based in Portarlington. We specialise in high quality design projects where the professional presentation of business or organisation is paramount. We help to build businesses from scratch with a delicate blend of cohesive branding, creative design solutions in both online and offline marketing channels.

7. Divi Theme Store


Divi Theme Stores delivers Divi Child Themes and Divi Plugins for the creation, coding and management of websites, hot sites, landing pages and custom web solutions for Divi Theme.

8. Divi Ultimate


Divi Ultimate is the best Divi child theme for Divi WordPress. With over 200+ Divi library items, Divi Ultimate is the biggest Divi child theme ever.

9. Divi Space



Divi Space is committed to bringing you the best products, content, tutorials and news to help your Divi business thrive. Become a member to gain access to the best Divi plugins, child themes, and resources? Join Divi Space for now and get special offers and exclusive deals on all of our products.

10. Divi Theme Examples



Divi theme examples is a showcase gallery of websites made using Divi from Elegant Themes and is updated daily with a new live Divi site. You will also find the best free and premium Divi layouts, Child Themes, Plugins, news and tutorials.