Whether you are a health organization releasing a new study, or you are a Kung Fu instructor with a new event to showcase, an important question to ask yourself as you design your site is: what are the standard elements every fitness website should have?

Fitness websites cater to a particular crowd, so there’s not a one-size fits all approach. You wouldn’t use a site built for a coffee shop to inspire your visitors to come on down and break a sweat.

All websites will talk to Google in the same way:

  • Through ranking for targeted keywords
  • Through page structure
  • Through backlinks

But a fitness website will talk very differently to your visitors than a coffee shop website, simply because you’re looking for a different response from your site visitors.

5 Elements Every Fitness Website Should Have

A fitness website needs to hit home on 5 key themes: a call to action, showing the benefits, an irresistible offerbefore and after photos, and making it easy to contact you.

Let’s dig into what we at Enable believe are the 5 elements every fitness website should have:

1. Call To Action

Do website visitors know what you’re expecting them to do?

Conversion-focused design means cutting everything away and getting back to the core basics of a webpage. What’s the reason your visitor is on that page? Is it helping them to do something? Is it easy for them to take action – buying, downloading, reading, calling?

Once that has been answered, then we layer on great design. But the look and feel the site has to serve the simple purpose of making your calls-to-action high profile items.

So, what are innovative designs elements every fitness website should have? Fitness is a crowded space, meaning something needs to set fitness gurus apart from their competition.

Since many fitness disciplines are similar, site owners are down to two options: compete in price, or compete by virtue of information (articles) and aesthetics (design). (See our guide on what makes a website visually appealing.)

2. Inspire with the Benefits

Out of all the elements every fitness website should have, this is key.

Highlighting the benefits your customers will gain by joining your program is probably the most vital.

Good marketing doesn’t stress how capable you are as a teacher, or the environment that you have to offer. What are you ultimately offering? What is it that your clients really want to achieve by turning to you?

They want better health, stronger bodies, fuller curves, etc.

That’s what your site needs to tackle; exploring these topics, resonating with your readers, and showing how your programs, can help them. 

Concretely, how do you explore these benefits? Prove you’re an authority, that you know what you’re talking about.

Communicate by writing, vlogging (video blogging), or sharing tips on your social networks. After writing an article, share it on your fan page, and make sure it’s easy for visitors to share it to theirs.

The more data, detail and authority you can put into your content, the more people will see that your influence is worth their time. Get feedback on your tone and approach; keeping it friendly is key. You want to inspire, so work on cultivating a warm, action-focused tone.

This 2017, video is continuing to explode as a means of communicating, especially on social networks.

Set up your iphone and shoot a short video about you and your fitness strategy, get your message across, and make it easier to connect with potential customers and fans.

Elements Every Fitness Website Should Have

3. An Irresistible Offer

What makes an offer irresistible?

Remember that email you opened highlighting that thing you needed, and you bought it within 30 seconds? Or that last coffee offered to you after your 5-star meal? Or that slice of orange offered to you at the marathon’s 18-mile marker?

Pretty irresistible. Because each time something filled a need you had to satisfy.

After exploring your benefits through page copy, articles, videos, and so on, your offer is the clincher.

To quote ptpower.com,

“What consumers want today BEFORE they buy are these four things:

1. A promise that you’re the solution to a problem they have.
2. Proof that your REALLY are the solution for that problem.
3. A RISK FREE opportunity to “test drive” your solution.
4. And tremendous value – in other words they want to know they are getting WAY more then they are paying for.

“And that’s the formula for a KILLER irresistible offer.”

That tremendous value is where it’s at. And it may just be as simple as detailing how incredible the results will be for your client. Help them decide for themselves that whatever it costs will be worth it.

How are you tackling it?

4. Before & After Photos

Your fitness spiel and the first couple of workouts don’t change someone overnight. But it does have to work, which photos can prove – yet another example of the importance of photography for your website.

Posting before and after photos help fitness fanatics see what your product or service delivers. They act as case studies, stories that you can tell. They act as proof that you really can deliver on your promises. They act as referrals, from your current/past clients to new ones.

In a word, they’re invaluable.

You could also do 30-second interviews with your clients, with just your smart phone, for that sense of off-the-cuff authenticity.

Show your visitors results over promises.

5. Contact Form & Clickable Mobile Phone Number

People need an accurate, easy way to contact you. Often they have an urgent question, or want to know about signing up a group.

A contact page is one of the elements every fitness website should have. Put everything on one page: phone, name, address, email, a form, and clickable phone numbers so mobile surfers can call without writing numbers down.

Putting it on a single page makes it easy to share, bookmark, and search for.

You can also install free live-chat software on your site, so that you’re always available to answer questions. You can also put your contact details up in the header on every page for bonus exposure.

Ever searched Google from your phone and found a business’ contact details in the search results without scouring a local directory?

If your webmaster structures the code-end of your site properly, your contact details should show up like that.  Additionally, you can claim and fill out your Google Places Listing to get a Google ‘citation’:

A Google citation is simply the name, address, and phone number of your business as Google sees it listed across the Internet. More commonly known as NAP. This means that when you claimed and filled out your Google Places listing you provided Google with a correct name, address, and phone number in your business listing. (What is a Google Place Citation)

The Takeaway

Every fitness site has something different to say, but your prime focus is on showing your visitors that they too can transform their bodies and health routines.

Use plenty of before-and-after photos as proof and referrals from your current clientele.

Make sure your contact details are easy to find, either by putting them on every page, or building a solid contact page that they can refer to.

And always focus on the benefits, the value to the customer. Help them see how you will make them a hero in their own lives.

You’ll find that, without bending over backwards (unless that’s in your routine), you’ll see an automatic boost in your conversions.

Anything you want to add? Are you doing something that’s working for you? Share in the comments!

Jeremy Minick

Born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. Spent high school summers running sandwich deliveries through the streets of Asheville, NC. Has a strong interest in helping small businesses do big things. When he’s not designing or marketing websites, you’ll find him spending time with his wife, family and friends.

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