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Considering starting a roofing company? Wondering if you should stick with or even go to college?

Joseph Becker skipped college and founded his roofing company, Spirit Contractors.

In this episode, Joseph unpacks his journey in starting a roofing company out of high school and how he continues to foster and strengthen his entrepreneurial, both in roofing and in other business ventures and life adventures.

Today’s Guest:

Joseph Becker is the owner and founder of Spirit Contractors, a residential roofing company based out of Center Valley, PA. While in high school, he started his first business, making custom knives and selling them online through his network of over 40K social media followers. He is a young, hungry entrepreneur who has seen continued growth year over year in the residential and storm restoration roofing market. Joseph is only 22 years old but has already been in business for 3 and ½ years, did a million in sales last year, and has basically tripled sales each year since he started.

In addition to accomplishing all of this, Joseph also spent 6 months in Africa helping villages build houses, schools and other necessary facilities.

You’ll Learn:

Why you don’t need to college to be successful
How to start a roofing company
How to foster and develop your entrepreneurial spirit
How social media can lead to success in both roofing and other business ventures
Why you should give back, both locally and globally

[3:52] First Company – growing a Youtube brand and business
[5:50] Lessons learned doing mission work in in Africa
[10:42] The journey from Africa to starting a roofing company
[14:54] Strategies for year 1 of the roofing business
[16:20] Mindset for persevering in door knocking
[17:06] What turns people away from roofing contractors
[18:10] How to improve door knocking close rates
[24: 31] How to increase referrals
[25:00] How to incentivize referrals
[29:48] Most important thing to know when starting your own business