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Want to learn how to use Facebook advertising to grow your roofing company?

Sam Beiler, founder & CEO of Boostpoint, outlines exactly how you can do this.

Listen to this episode to understand why so many roofers and roofing companies are skeptical of Facebook advertising, and what it really takes to generate ROI-positive, scaleable advertising campaigns on the Facebook ad platform.

Today’s Guest:

Sam Beiler is the founder & CEO of Boostpoint, a simple software solution that gives roofing companies a cost-effective way to grow their brand and generate leads.

He started in roofing during high school by working for his dad’s roofing company. After college, he joined the Equipter team working on the manufacturing side and eventually transitioned into sales and marketing. He helped them grow from a local/regional brand into a nationally-recognized brand.

In this episode, Sam shares strategies for how roofing companies can get use Facebook advertising to build awareness around their company and generate leads in a hyper-specific, geo-targeted way.


LinkedIn: Boostpoint 

You’ll Learn:

Why so many roofing companies struggle to see success from Facebook ads
What the most common mistakes roofers make when setting up Facebook ads
What are the benefits of running a brand awareness vs lead generation campaign
What written, video, and photo content works best for brand awareness ads
What written, video, and photo content works best for lead generation ads
How to follow up with Facebook ad leads and best practices

[2:11] What led Sam Beiler to start Boostpoint
[14:31] How to build awareness about your company using Facebook
[24:40] Distinction between a Lead Gen and Brand Awareness campaign on Facebook
[28:35] 3 types of content that best serve brand awareness
[37:24] The importance of customer testimonials
[40:43] Most important things to consider when beginning an ad campaign
[44:38] The importance of ad copy
[45:40] The quality of Facebook producing leads
[48:29] Incredible results from lead ads on Facebook
[1:06:23] The consequence of having no ad campaigns
[1:11:20] Most important first step in starting to run Facebook ads