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Today’s Guest:

Kevin Bailey is the owner of American Dream Restoration. He started as a canvasser and sales rep for a company that sold coupon booklets. Along the way he stumbled into roofing sales for a company in Northern Virginia and eventually started a roofing company in 2012. Over the past 3 years ADR has averaged between $3-$5million in sales. His company has been active in both insurance roofing and retail roofing. In this episode, Kevin shares his story and strategies about canvassing & sales.

You’ll Learn:

[4:21] The impact of COVID19 on the roofing industry
[6:03] Finding your way into the roofing industry
[10:36] From roofing sales to roofing company owner
[13:10] The best mindset to have as a canvasser
[14:39] Biggest lead generation takeaways from a roofing business
[17:34] Practical tips and strategies for canvassing