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Are you maximizing your profit on estimates? Are you building good relationships with insurance adjusters?

My guest today share insights into how an expert knowledge of estimating and supplementing can help you:

1) Make more profit per job, by producing accurate, well-documented estimates;

2) Build good relationships with insurance adjusters; and

3) Build supplementing systems that allow sales reps to stay focused on selling.

Today’s Guest:

Peter Gaetano started his journey as an independent insurance adjuster for more than 6 years. More recently, though, he pivoted in the insurance space to help contractors instead of the insurance company. His company — ClaimStar Estimates — empowers contractors to negotiate a fair final price for insurance claim jobs through clear and accurate Xactimate estimates that reflect the real costs of roof and siding replacement.

You’ll Learn:

[13:45] What to look for when documenting damage on a roof and understanding the “story” the estimate needs to tell the insurance company
[17:30] Specific things to document that will make you more money $$$ (right now)
[19:50] How to get more profits on your estimates
[22:03] The most common things roofers miss on their estimates (and it’s costing them a lot of money)
[22:40] How to systemize your inspection & documentation process for better estimates
[27:00] How lazy estimates and poor relationships with insurance adjusters damage your roofing company’s brand
[28:58] What insurance adjusters HATE that roofers do
[31:21] What insurance adjusters LOVE that roofers do (and how to build great relationships)