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Want to know how to brand your roofing company? Looking for ways to get your team to buy into your core values?

My guest today shares insights and tips into how to find key differentiations and core values that will set your team apart from the competition and, most importantly, help you build a roofing company your customers will remember.

Today’s Guest:

Nick Bonadies has a ton of experience in the interior and exterior remodeling space, having worked for multiple remodeling companies over the past 25 years. Before entering the remodeling space, he spent 4 years in the Marine Corp where he served in the infantry and as a Marine Body Bearer.

About 2 years ago, he launched his business, Semper Fi Exteriors, a roofing and exteriors company serving Northern Virginia. Stemming from the Marine Corps, his company puts service, commitment, integrity, and respect at the center of everything they do. He’s here today to share his story and share insights into how he’s taken the lessons & strategies learned in the Marines and applied them to his business.

In this episode, Nick shares how he’s been successful in building a winning culture at his company and unpacks how Semper Fi Exteriors is not only an exteriors company but also a mission-driven company.

You’ll Learn:

[11:48] The importance of building your company culture around core values and why your values should guide all the decisions you make as a company
[18:18] How to get your team to “buy in” your company culture
[22:51] Using incentives & giveaways to get your team to remember team values
[24:12] How to find and choose your core values, and why it should be a team exercise
[26:53] Measuring how well your team is living and demonstrating your core values
[30:10] Giving back to the community can be the most powerful branding you ever do
[33:58] The amazing thing that happened to our business (that I never expected) when we started giving back to the community
[43:49] The #1 thing that has taken Semper Fi’s culture to the next level