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Today’s Guest:

Looking for the best roofing sales strategies and door-to-door tactics? Want to scale your roofing company, but not sure how?

Becca Switzer dropped out of college to start her sales career with Cutco knives where she quickly became a top-performer. She was soon recruited by a storm chasing company and switched to roofing sales where again she quickly became a top-performer. But her entry into roofing sales wasn’t easy and the training she received left her on her own to figure it all out. Over the last 6 years, Becca has helped roofing sales reps and roofing company owners up their sales game and build better businesses.


You’ll Learn:

[1:49] Becca’s Story: how she got into roofing sales and why you should listen to her
[11:31] Some of the biggest challenges facing roofing sales reps
[15:24] Some of the most common mistakes roofing salespeople make
[17:45] Door-to-door sales secrets and strategies
[19:16] How to handling objections at the door
[21:03] Best opening lines for door knocking
[27:36] What struggling roofing salespeople should do
[32:53] Wrong attitude to have when door knocking
[34:56] Biggest mistakes roofing sales reps make while closing a leads
[38:04] Understanding the importance educating your customer about depreciation
[43:09] Best tips for building rapport with insurance adjusters
[49:07] The struggles of roofers building and scaling their business through recruiting
[56:45] Scripts for generating more referrals
[59:24] Why roofing business owners struggle to retain salespeople
[1:02:19] Delegate or stall out – not delegating is the hidden problem that keeps roofing company owners from scaling their business
[1:06:10] Tips for how to delegate well your roofing company
[1:16:15] Mythbuster – busting the “Hustle” Myth
[1:20:20] Becca’s Book Recommendations: 4 Hour Workweek by Timothy Farris and The E-Myth by Michael Gerber