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Today’s Guest:

Want to become a top-earner in your company? Struggling to attract and recruit top talent? 

In this episode, Sam Martin shares his story and sheds light on the skills & strategies necessary for roofing sales success. He also shares practical ways that roofing business owners can attract top talent.

Sam Martin is the CEO and founder of Winner’s Circle Training, a program that offers training, coaching, mentoring, accountability and community for individuals looking to change their life and become 6-figure earners.

At his core, though, Sam is an entrepreneur from Pennsylvania, who, without a degree or formal education, went from making less than minimum wage on his father’s farm, to a rising star in a local roofing company. He helped to lead the company’s sales force to its fourth consecutive appearance on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. He ranked 2nd in the sales force that helped grow the company to 50+million AND was personally responsible for 4+ million dollars in sales in his first full year with the company.

You’ll Learn:

[1:29] Sam Martin’s story and how he got into roofing sales and coaching
[4:47] Understand the foundational skills and strategies for roofing sales success
[6:06] Most common mistakes roofing salespeople are making
[9:14] The importance of knowing who’s door you’re knocking on
[10:20] Door-knocking is a science – here’s the approach
[11:14] Right length for you sales pitch at the door
[13:55] The power of local/neighbor/neighborhood name dropping
[14:58] The 3-tiered selling system you need to cut the b***s*** and make sales
[16:54] Selling system (part 1) – Knocking Doors – is door knocking always a numbers game?
[18:50] Selling system (part 2) – Overdeliver – the importance of over delivering and practical tips
[25:30] Selling system (part 3) – Get Referrals – tips for generating referrals and what works best
[33:50] (Business Owners!) Common problems with finding/recruiting (and retaining!) salespeople
[38:02] Why companies fail to attract the top talent
[43:52] The importance of gratitude and treatment your team right
[45:06] Tips for proactively hunting and attracting top talent
[49:40] Sam’s Journey: from roofing sales to coaching
[51:53] Most influential Books: Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule and Ray Dallio’s Principles
[53:45] What is Winners Circle Training and how it can help you