Plumbing SEO Case Study

A Month in the Life of a Well Pump Contractor

39 verified leads in 30 days

Form Submission Leads from Website: 16
Phone Call Leads from Website: 9
Phone Call Leads from GMB Listings: 14

This well pump service contractor, whose name is withheld for customer privacy, has been with Enable for over 2 years. He runs a one-man company, and is known for his top quality service and a no-BS approach to business.

We admire that approach, and thought we’d apply it to this plumbing SEO case study.

We decided not to bombard you with exclamation marks and flashy statistics.

Instead, we’re going to give you a simple snapshot of his last month of digital marketing.

Over 30 days, we generated 39 verified leads for this contractor:

  • 16 contact form submissions from his website;
  • 9 phone calls from his website;
  • and 14 phone calls from his Google listings.

And let’s be clear: when we say “verified leads,” we mean that we worked through the list manually and removed any fake leads.

If someone called twice, they weren’t counted twice. If someone called looking for a service he didn’t provide, we didn’t count them.

39 verified leads means 39 real potential customers.

How did we do it?

The vast majority of those leads were from organic traffic. Based on this contractor’s service area, we’ve targeted 9 main locations for him. It’s taken some time, but he thoroughly outranks his competition in 7 of the 9 locations. (He’s behind one other guy in the other 2 locations.)

These top rankings, together with a carefully targeted ad campaign, bring a steady stream of visitors to both his website…

… and his Google listing:

The final piece of his digital strategy is his conversion-focused website. This past month, his key landing pages had 254 visitors, 25 of which became verified leads, for a true conversion rate of almost 10%.

All in all, not a bad month.

Interested In a Reliable Stream of Leads For Your Company, with no BS?