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(Anonymous) Roofing Facebook Ads Case Study

90 Leads in 90 Days! (+360% ROI)

Reach: 115,936 people saw their ads on Facebook
Leads: 90 leads
Ad spend: $21,150
Booked an Appointment: 61 booked an appointment
Cost: $218.05 / lead
Closed Business: 18
Still Pending: 18 individuals have signed a contingency, but are still pending due to weather reasons, insurance reasons, etc.
Value of Closed Jobs: $488,000.00
Profit (20% net profit margin): ~$97,600
ROI: ~360% return on investment

Anonymous Roofing Company

This roofing company agreed to let us share their Facebook ads results anonymously. We ran their ads from August 15th to December 19th, 2019, which was the end of their busy season. This company had no prior experience running Facebook ads at the end of their busy season. Still, they wanted to generate residential, commercial, and storm-damage roofing leads at scale, across their 6 office locations in the vicinity of DC and Philadelphia. To achieve this goal for them, we determined what ad content would resonate best with their audience; worked with them to create this content, and;
distributed it according to proven best practices for roofing Facebook ads.

Within the first 74 days, our Facebook ads campaign generated 76 leads. From these 76 leads, their team secured over 42 new booked office appointments, despite their seasonal slow down!

Disclaimer: *(Monthly lead volume depends on monthly ad budget. Bigger budgets get bigger results)*

Ad Types

Each sales rep filmed a video of himself or herself on a roof. In this video, they explained that they just finished a meeting with a homeowner whose roof qualified for a full replacement by their insurance company due to storm damage in their area. The sales rep mentioned the city they were in, the name of the road they were on or a landmark nearby, and asked viewers to fill in their information below to see if they qualified as well.

Ad Targeting

Each ad set was set to target individuals who lived within a 1 or 2-mile radius of the address at which the video was filmed (and which was mentioned by the sales rep on camera).

Video Script

“Hey everybody, my name’s Tommy – I’m with [roofing company’s name]. I’m out here in [city name] by [name of road or landmark], and I just finished up an insurance adjuster’s meeting where the insurance company decided to pay to replace the entire roof, the siding, the gutters, the window screens, and the downspouts. Now the reason they’re doing this is because this home was damaged in a storm which came through here last year. So if you live in or near this area, put in your information below, and we can see if you qualify. Thanks.”

Facebook Ad Template

We personalized each Facebook ad as well, writing it as if it were directly from the sales rep who had filmed the ad.

Facebook Ads Campaign Data & Call Tracking Lead Data

Several individual videos did extremely well, and had a much lower cost per lead, and received higher stats overall.

Conversion Data

Our client was able to set appointments at a ~68% conversion rate (61 of their 90 leads booked appointments).

To date, 18 of these booked appointments turned into jobs, with another 18 who have signed a contingency with our client, but are still pending completion.

The 18 closed jobs have generated $488,000 in total sales, and a profit of ~$97,600. The current total ROI for this ad campaign was over 360%

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