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(Anonymous) Roofing SEO Case Study

23 leads per month from Organic SEO

Clicks From Organic Search: 452
Leads: 23 leads for $2,000
Customers: 9 booked
Cost: $86.96 / lead
Projects Value: $81,992.43 total; $9110 / project (to date) [based on 5 finished projects—4 still in completion]
Anonymous Roofing Company

This roofing company agreed to share their lead generation results anonymously from September 2019. This company had previously been getting 4-5 leads per month through SEO, and had recently gone through a domain name change, resulting in lower rankings in their target areas. They wanted to generate retail roofing leads for their residential and commercial divisions for their 6 office locations in the greater DC and greater Philadelphia areas. Our team currently markets for several roofing companies, so we tailored this particular campaign to this company and implemented proven best practices for roofing SEO and conversion rate optimization on their website. In the month of September, our roofing leads campaign generated 23 verifiable roofing leads from SEO (both Google My Business listing and organic), allowing their team to secure over 9 new booked office appointments, for an ROI of 987.50% (at the current number—4 of their 9 jobs generated are still in completion, and thus the total numbers are lower than they will be upon job completion).

Disclaimer: *(Monthly lead volume depends on monthly ad budget and time spent working on SEO. Bigger budgets and more time get bigger results)*

Website Design

Each sales rep filmed a video of himself or herself on a roof, explaining that they just finished a meeting with a homeowner whose roof qualified for a full replacement by their insurance company due to storm damage in their area. They mentioned: the city they were in, the name of the road they were on or a landmark nearby, and asked them to fill in their information below to see if they qualified.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The homepage was designed to lead individuals to convert, including a highly-visible CTA, frequent usage throughout, and speaking to the pain points of roofing customers throughout the page (adding testimonials, accolades the company has received, etc.).

After the new website was launched, however, the improvements didn’t stop! We are constantly testing changes to the website to see what works best (i.e. make the phone number button bigger, make it a different color, change the headline, etc.). These tests are part of our on-going conversion rate optimization for the website, which we run every month. To read more about CRO, see this blog post from the conversion rate experts, who coined the phrase!

Google My Business Listings

In order to improve their rankings, we fleshed out their Google My Business listings. More photos and videos are correlated with higher rankings, so we added their videos and photos to each of their six listings. Additionally, we added service descriptions, secondary categories, and helped garner reviews for each listing.

Location Pages

In order to help this company rank in each of their locations, we built location pages for each one. On each page, we included team member photos, location information, local landmarks, and the name of the branch manager, which users seemed to want to view based on their interaction with the site. Reviewing how users interact with a website is crucial to ranking better—Google looks at user behavior in determining what company has the best page and deserves to rank on the first page!

Exact Lead Tracking

For this roofing client, we built an exact lead tracking spreadsheet, in order to track each lead as it came in, so that both we (and our client) could see whether their marketing was working. We didn’t want to have to do this manually, either—so we automated it! Now, every lead that comes through the website, and every phone call which comes from anywhere online gets added to the spreadsheet instantaneously.

Every week, we look at the new leads which came through, and working with the customer communications manager at the roofing company, we mark down which leads are the results of SEO, and which ones aren’t.


  • If someone fills out a contact form and mentions they saw the roofing company was doing work in their neighborhood, then this is NOT a lead which came through SEO
  • However, if someone fills out a contact form, and we can see (through Google Analytics) that they found the roofing company’s site through a search engine, we can mark it down as a lead from SEO!

At the end of September, we were able to take this screenshot from their spreadsheet:

ROI Data

Our client was able to close 5 of these leads (with 4 still in completion, and 8 more still in the pipeline), leading to $81,992.43 in revenue.

How much of that was profit?

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