In today’s post, I’m going to show you 21 roofing marketing ideas you should implement in 2020.

This guide also includes a lot of:

  • Real life examples
  • Short, helpful video tutorials
  • Data-driven screenshots
  • Lots more

So if you want GREAT results from marketing, you’ll love this new guide.

Let’s dive right in.

Part 1: Brand your roofing company, and choose a niche to dominate:

Tell Your Story and Your Customer’s Story:

Everyone loves stories. Stories capture attention, and attention is everything in today’s crowded, noisy digital marketplace.

Telling stories through video, portfolio projects, and social media posts, allows customers to quickly come to know what your company is about, who you help, and the service you provide.

To put it another way, closing the sale is all about customers coming to know, like, and trust you. And stories provide the perfect channel for customers to do exactly that.

Focus On One Key Service:

One of the fastest and most effective ways to distinguish yourself from the competition and position yourself as the expert in the mind of the customer, is to focus your business around a single core service.

This service could be a residential roof replacement, residential roof repair, commercial roof replacement, or a commercial roof repair.

The benefit of focusing your business on one course service is twofold:


1. Better systems

By focusing your business on a one core service, you will be allowed to build better, more efficient systems. These will help increase your profit per job, allow you to take on more work, and separate the quality of your process from competitors.

2. Brand awareness and marketing

Focusing your business on a one core service will also help make your company more visible and more memorable to customers. This will help increase referrals, and allow you to more quickly build brand awareness in geographic areas around your roofing company.

Focus On One Key Market:

Another way to quickly and efficiently grow your roofing company is by focusing your one core service to one main market.

This could mean that you focus your company on serving either residential clients or commercial clients.

It could also mean that you focus on serving HOA’s, Condominiums, townhouses, 2 to 4 bedroom houses, mansions, historic buildings, or any other specific type of structure or property.

focusing on one main market will give you the same benefits listed above by focusing on one main service. It will allow you to build better systems, create a stronger brand presence, and grow your roofing company faster.

Choose A Niche – How do I brand my roofing company, and choose a niche to dominate?

Have you ever been to a website and after about a minute of looking around you’re still not sure what the company does?

Or, on the contrary, have you ever been to a website where you feel like every sentence, every image, every video, and essentially every single element on the site is speaking directly to you?

What impression does your website give to your customers?

Choosing a service niche or a market is one of the easiest and clearest ways to capture the attention of your customer and give yourself an unfair advantage over the competition.
Picking the right niche starts with asking the right questions.

Questions like:


What service is most profitable to my company?
Which of my clients seem to pay the most and be the best to work with?
What service are we the best at? What service are we the best at?
Which service can we scale the most?
Do we want to provide services to the residential and Commercial Market?
Do we want to handle insurance claims that focus on retail only?
If you can’t answer these questions clearly then the problems and areas of where you need to work will stand out.

The more you narrow down and define the services you provide in the markets to which you provide them to, the more focused you will be in a particular niche.

As a result, you become the more obvious choice in the eyes of your customers.

Part 2: Relationship-driven marketing: referrals, partnerships (and reviews):

How To Get More Referrals:

Referrals are the best way for most small businesses to grow their company, and it’s no surprise. 63% of home services customers find a contractor through family and friends.



Customers that find contractors through family & friend referrals.

Why? Because who are you going to trust: a stranger, or someone you know and already have a relationship with?

As a roofer, you know how powerful word of mouth marketing can be. That said, it’s important to make sure that you’re making the most of your opportunities for referrals.

Here are some great ways to maximize referral marketing:



Most roofers could get more referrals if they simply just asked.

Ask your family, ask your friends, and ask your customers. In particular, there are two ideal times to ask a customer for referrals:

Before and after you complete the job.

If you ask before you complete the job, you should ask for referrals in exchange for giving a discount on the project.

If you ask after the job is complete, you should ask for any family or friends whom they know that would be interested in a new roof or free roof inspection.

Network / Join A Group

Networking at local events, through the Chamber of Commerce, or at a local BNI chapter, is often a clear path to getting referrals and building relationships with other like-minded business owners.

Grow Your Business with Partnerships:

Establishing Partnerships with other contractors or business owners for helping the same homeowners and property owners that you’re looking to get in touch with can be a predictable, and even explosive, path to growth.

Companies you should keep an eye out for to build a relationship with are:

  • Contractors: Other contractors who may be spending time in or around homes on a frequent basis.
  • Service Providers: Any service providers whose main target market is also homeowners or property owners.
  • Supply Companies: Sometimes Partnerships with supply and material companies can also be beneficial as they are often contacted by homeowners and property owners looking for recommendations on which contractor they should hire.

Get More Reviews (Because They’re Like Sales People For Your Business)

Just like when you’re searching for a restaurant or buying something off Amazon, customers looking at hiring your roofing company will look at what others have said about your business in order to determine whether they can trust you to do the job right.

It is important to understand clearly that reviews are endorsements for your business, and even more, little sales people putting in the good word about your services.

You should always aim to get reviews on public platforms like search engines (e.g. Google, Bing), social media profiles (e.g. Facebook), and industry directories (e.g. HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Houzz, NextDoor, etc). that way you can feature the testimonial both publicly on one of these platforms and more privately on your website.

To get the right mindset about the importance of reviews, it’s important to remember that if any of these endorsements by your customers convince a future customer to hire you, then one review could mean thousands of dollars business.

BBB: Get Reviews & Build Your Profile

In the roofing industry, your Better Business Bureau profile and rating is more than just a trophy to put in a showcase.

Customers place a lot of credibility in your bbb profile and rating.

Having an A or A+ rating on your listing will make customers trust your business.

In addition to the credibility that this listing can lend your business, the Better Business Bureau also has a powerful search presence online. This means that when potential customers are searching for roofing contractors, roofing companies, roofers, or roof replacement services in your area, their website and potentially your listing will often hold one of the highest spots on search results within Google and Bing.

3. Advertising: Search Engines, Social Media, and Directories:

Generating Leads Through Ads On Google & Bing:

Advertising on Google and Bing is one of the best and most direct ways to reach customers who are ready to buy.

If someone is searching on Google or Bing for a roofing company, for roof replacement, or roof repair then they are likely in the mindset to buy.

Like social media platforms, these search engines allow you to be very specific on when your ads are shown, where they’re shown, and to whom they are shown. Here are a couple of kinds of ads that work well on Google and Bing:


Search Ads

These ads are shown when, just as the name suggests, someone is searching for the services or product you provide.

For example, these ads might be shown to someone looking for “roofing company / contractor / replacement / repair (+cityname / near me / etc).


Local Pack Ad Extensions

What are the best kinds of ads to run when you’re running search ads?

Our local pack ads which are displayed within the Google my business local pack. This is the box of 3 business listings when you search for local businesses and local services.


Display Ads

Ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram display ads as Alpha name for customers who are higher up in the sales funnel.

These ads are displayed by Google on various websites and partner platforms and are the kind of ads you see while you’re reading your favorite blogs, shopping for clothes or tools, or catching up on sports scores and updates.

Generating Leads Through Ads On Facebook & Instagram:

Advertising on Facebook or Instagram can be a great way to connect with customers who are a little higher in the sales funnel.

Facebook and Instagram have detailed demographics and audience insights which allow you to specifically and narrowly Target your ideal customers.

The key on Facebook and Instagram is to refrain from being too aggressive with a direct sales pitch and instead focus on providing valuable content to homeowners and property owners in your area.

Giving away a free roof inspection checklist, a guide for what to look for in a roofing contractor, or mistakes to avoid when hiring a roofing company are all great ways to lead with value in exchange for a name, email address, and phone number.

A couple of kinds of ads on Facebook and Instagram that often perform well:


Lead Ads

These ads are centered around a very simple exchange with the customer where your goal is to lead with some valuable piece of content or valuable offer in exchange for the customer’s contact info.


These ads are not as focused on collecting customers contact info, but rather on putting your roofing company in front of as many customers in a certain Geographic radius as possible. These ads are about visibility, getting your name out there, and remaining top-of-mind or potential customers in your area.


As you spend money to send people to your website, you should also set aside some money to continue to show ads to those who have in fact visited your website or landing page.

Not showing retargeting ads to those who you’ve already paid to visit your website is like paying to have customers walk through your front door, see your office and marketing materials, and then walk back outside your office never to hear from you again.

Generating Leads Through Facebook Geo-Targeting Ads:

Facebook geo-targeting ads are one of the best ways for roofers to gain visibility and trust within a community, a neighborhood, an HOA, or even a town or city.

Geo-targeted advertising is the practice of creating an ad and then showing it to a hyper-local audience.

In other words, it is not like showing an ad to a 50 mile radius; rather, geo-targeted ads are ones that you choose to show to homeowners or commercial property owners within a specific Geographic block, neighborhood, one mile radius, or perhaps even a little bit of a larger area.

As a result, geo-targeting allows you to create marketing and sales messages that are extremely customized and localized, lending your advertisement greater familiarity to the viewer.

Geo-targeting ads can be created using either Facebook’s own advertising platform or using third-party tools, like boost point. here are some creative ideas for the kinds of you targeting ads that you could run for your roofing company:

Target Cities

A video or written geo-targeting ad aiming at a specific city or town could say something like “Hey CityName, my name is Joe and I just completed a roof inspection for one of your CityName neighbors. Getting a roof inspection is completely free, no risk, and no obligation. I’ll be in the area all week and I’d love to stop by and give your roof a free inspection to see if you qualify for a new roof replacement covered by insurance, or at the very least check and see if you have any damage under the roof that could be problematic.”

Target Neighborhoods

“Hey NeighborhoodName, my name is Joe and I just completed a free roof inspection for one of your neighbors. I’ll be in NeighborhoodName all week and I’d love to stop by and give you a roof of free inspection to see if you qualify for a new roof replacement covered by insurance, or at the very least check and see if you have any damage on your roof that could be problematic.”

Generating Leads Through Ads On Linkedin:

  • Remarketing ads: Individuals will be more likely to go on LinkedIn during the work day or if you have a high federal employee or high state employee population (because FB is sometimes blocked).
  • Personal outreach: Personally connecting with property managers and owners (large commercial work, not residential)
    • What is a smaller commercial offering which you can offer to a commercial property manager as a gateway service?
    • Inclement weather monitoring?
    • Yearly repair / inspection?

Generating Leads Through Ads On Directories:



Generating leads through Home Advisor is usually a mixed bag of results.

The success of lead generation through a platform like home advisor often depends on three things: the amount of competition in your area, the online review presence that you’ve built on home advisor, and the urgency with which you need to generate leads.

Competition – If you’re an amid a highly competitive market and many of your competitors are also bidding on leads generated through the home advisor platform, then likely your cost per lead will be expensive and you’ll be competing against your competitors to win those clients

Online review presence –  If you have a ton of online reviews on your home advisor profile or can at least get a ton of reviews faster than your competitors then you’ll have an advantage when home advisor leads are vetting your business and deciding which roofing to choose.

Urgency – Like most advertising and marketing campaigns, urgency is not usually something to play in your favor. Most good things take time. That said if you need to generate more business quickly, then home advisor can be a helpful channel to fill your pipeline with leads especially if you have high close rates as a sales team.

Other directories:

Outside of home advisor, there are few home service directories that produce solid, consistent, quality leads. Among this list would be directories like: Angie’s list, Thumbtack, houzz, Next-door, better business bureau, yellow pages, and other national online directory platforms.

Content: how to produce content that gets attention.

Build A Website That Stands Out

In today’s digitally driven Marketplace, your website is the storefront to your business.

When customers are looking to hire a roofing company, they may encounter your business through a variety of marketing channels, but for most customers all roads will eventually lead to your website.

A prospective customer, for example, may hear about your company through a friend, a post on social media, or encounter a digital or physical advertisement – but, all of these encounters with your business will likely lead them to your website.

Your website then will be like the end zone, Where you either close the deal or get stopped at the goal line by the competition.

Example of bad website design:
Example of good website design:

Create Videos That Tell Stories (Or Answer Questions)

How many videos should I produce on my website?

Creating videos for your roofing company is one of the best ways you can connect with customers and separate yourself from the competition.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth millions.

Videos are engaging, fun to watch, and can take all the things you want to say to a customer to grab their attention and do it in under 3 minutes. Video content to be used in all kinds of ways. Here are some of the first and most important videos you should consider making:

Brand Video

A brand video is a 2-3 minute video that communicates what you do, who you do it for, and ultimately tells the story of your business. And make no mistake about it, stories are what your customers want to hear.

Video from Power Home Remodeling


Testimonial Videos

The only thing more powerful than a written testimonial is one delivered through a video. Having a happy customer on camera talking about the pains and problems that they have before working with you and then share the success and joy they found in hiring you is one of the best marketing materials you could have.

Geo-Targeting Videos / Value-Driven Videos

Videos that are promoting free value, especially when they’re used in a geo-targeting setting, are powerful lead generators for your business. Creating videos centered around your customers most frequently asked questions or centered around a free and valuable giveaway your business has to offer is a great way to capture customers attention.

FAQ Videos: Videos that answer FAQs…

Creating videos that answer frequently asked questions is powerful for three main reasons:

They build awareness and authority: you can use these videos to share on your personal and business social media profiles, through email and email marketing and on other online platforms like your website. This will allow prospective customers to begin their journey in knowing, liking, and trusting you and your company

They pre-sell the job: as prospective customers do these videos their questions will of course be answered and will be one step closer to reaching out for you for a quote, a free inspection, and ultimately a contract.

There they are great for SEO: these videos are valuable assets for bringing more people to your website. These videos can be placed on the homepage of your website, and FAQ page, and other key SEO focused pages on your website.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Answer FAQ On My Website?

FAQ pages are often overlooked. In many cases, though, they shouldn’t be.

Most customers will have questions, and their questions will be the same.

Simply by answering their questions you’ll position yourself as a company that’s helpful, knowledgeable, and expert.

Especially in the case of retail Roofing, homeowners and property owners are often going to do their homework before investing in something as significant as a roof. Your ability to proactively answer the questions that they have can help you close, or at least soften, the sale before it even happens.

Additionally, FAQs can be a great way to add valuable content to a page if you or your team is investing in SEO to generate leads.

Here’s the bottom line: search engines like FAQs and people like FAQs.

Here are some common FAQs to get you started:

  • How much does a roof cost?
  • What kind of roofing shingle for material is best?
  • Will my roof be warrantied?
  • Will insurance cover the cost of my roof?
  • How long will it take for my roof to be installed?
  • Does my roof need a repair or should it be fully replaced?

Showcase Photos Of Your Work:

Showcasing pictures of completed projects on your website, social media, and your reviews is a great way to build a dominating brand.

As they say, seeing is believing and by showcasing projects you’ve completed you allow your customers to gain insight into the quality you deliver and what the experience will be like in working with you.

Here are some great places to showcase photos of your completed jobs:


On your website, on a “gallery” page or “work” page or “projects” page.

Social Media

Within the photos section of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Within the photos and projects section of directories like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Houzz, Better Business Bureau, Etc.

4. SEO: playing the long game:

SEO Gold: Your GMB Listing

(Create and) Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Your Google my business listing is one of the best and clearest ways to generate more leads for your roofing company.

Creating your listing is free and easy, and especially in less competitive markets can immediately separate yourself from the competition.

Unlike other forms of search engine optimization, optimizing your Google my business listing is often a matter of just getting a few things right.

For example, Simply Having keywords like “Roofing” within your Google my business title, selecting the right category for your listing, and owning an address as close to the city center of the area you’re targeting can position you at the top of the local pack.

Being at the top of the local pack means you’ll hold some of the most valuable real estate online allowing you to show up in front of customers searching for your business.

Organic SEO: How To Own Valuable Online Real Estate

While there can definitely be benefits in showing up for keywords like “roofing”, or having a blog post that brings hundreds of hits to the website each month, what matters most is to make sure that you are ranking for the money keywords.

What are money keywords?

The keywords and keyword phrases which real customers used, or will use to hire you.

Keywords that bring traffic to your website but don’t bring leads, should be considered vanity metrics.

On the other hand, keywords that bring you real leads and profitable business, should be targeted as a part of your money keyword list.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and generated this list of keywords here to help you identify exactly what keywords and keyword phrases customers are likely using in your area to search for the services you provide:

5. Mail: Email & Direct Mail Marketing Putting You In The Customer’s Inbox:

Email Marketing:

Most roofing companies are focused on spending their marketing dollars on reaching customers at the bottom of the sales funnel who are ready to buy now.

For those willing to play the long game, however, there is tremendous opportunity.

Sending regular email updates and news about customers you’ve helped, sponsorships you made, donations you given to the community, and well time sales promotions is a great way to re-engage those customers you’ve already helped or who never hired you or you never heard from after the initial contact.

Additionally, don’t lose sight of the fact that all of these customers and potential future customers have family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues who may all some day need a new roof.

The question is: When they need that new roof, will it be you that they remember or will they call someone else?

Direct Mail:

While direct mail typically doesn’t yield the best jobs or the lowest cost per lead, it can still be an effective marketing strategy.

What’s most important to consider in a direct mail campaign is your message, your offer, and the specificity of the area you’re targeting.


With limited space on a postcard and only a split second to capture the attention of the person checking the mail, the message about who you are, what you do, the offer you’re providing, and how you’ll solve your customers problems needs to be succinct and razor sharp.


While an offer like “get a quote” or “get an estimate schedule and a consultation” may work, you should consider having a more compelling offer. This could be something like a free roof inspection, or Drone inspection, or digital inspection with no on site analysis required, or something in this vein.


Blasting out thousands mailers could bring you a solid percentage of leads; however, the quality of these leads will likely be hit or miss. On the other hand making sure that your mailer campaign has a tight and specific geographic focus on the areas which produce the most profitable jobs for you and are therefore filled with your best kind of clients is the more sure fire way to see a mail campaign with positive ROI.

Bonus List:

Truck Wraps:

Truck wraps are an excellent way to build awareness around your company in your area.

When wrapping your trucks or company vehicles you need to make sure three things are clear:

Who you are – this could mean making your business name or logo or website address prominent (or all three).

What you do – this means making sure that the services you provide and potentially the markets or kinds of customers you specifically provide those services to, is clear.

How to get in touch – this means making sure you have a clear call to action which gives the customer a fast, simple and clear way to get in touch with you. This could include prominently listing your phone number, website address, and phrases like “call us today” “contact us today” “get an estimate” or “get a free inspection.”

Yard Signs:

Putting up yard signs after you sign a contract with the customer or dirt or during a roof installation or repair project is another excellent way to build awareness around your company. Those driving by will see the signs and neighbors will see the signs.

This can lead to easier introductions and more referrals in the area around the house you’re working on.

Same as with truck wraps or wraps on company vehicles, make sure your yard signs communicate clearly who you are, what you do, and how the customer can get in touch with you.

With Both truck wraps and yard signs. Less is more.

Door Hangers:

Depending on your approach to canvassing and door knocking through neighborhoods, door hangers can be an effective leave behind or introduction to homeowners and property owners.


While sponsorships struggle to have clear, trackable ROI, they can certainly be an effective channel to build awareness in your community.

Additionally, they are one of the best ways to build positivity and memorability around your name and brand.

Often, the key things to consider with sponsorships are: who and how many will see my name, logo, and marketing materials.