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One of the first steps we tackle in building new websites, strategies, and social planning, is a clear brand. A brand narrative is what you say. But as we all know, how something is said is just as important.

Enter stage right: defining the ‘personality’ of your brand.

Each time we host a branding session at Enable, we encourage clients to take 5 minutes and fill out Kaye Putnam’s free Archetype Quiz. It provides an instant sense of tone and personality, and helps you clarify the attitude you take in communicating your business.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Keep reading to learn more from Brand Strategist Kaye Putnam about the power of brand archetypes.

The Decision-Making Power of Brand Archetypes | Kaye Putnam


Building and marketing a genuine, cohesive brand can be extremely overwhelming.

After all, every decision you make says something to your audience about who you are – from the colors, photos and fonts you use to way you write and the platforms you show up on.

Luckily, Brand Archetypes provide a strong foundation for understanding your inner-brand on a deep psychological level, making it easy to create strong ties to your ideal clients or customers.

As a Psychology-Driven Brand Strategist, I’ve used archetypes to help thousands of entrepreneurs mirror their inner thoughts and feelings about their business in their branding and marketing.

But before I dive into the process of discovering your primary archetypes and putting them to use, let me explain why this method so powerful…

Archetypes are a set of beliefs, personality traits, values, themes or metaphors, weaknesses, motivations, and fears that shape a character (or in this case, a brand). Together, these elements give your brand depth – basically personifying your business. This robust persona allows people to look beyond a logo and develop actual feelings toward your brand.

Similar to how we attract friends or dates, this emotional connection is super important when it comes to your business. In fact, it’s estimated that as much as 95% of the decision-making process is based on emotion. By triggering an emotional response in your leads, you’re one giant leap closer to taking your relationship to the next level – (the one where they pay you!).

In addition to attracting your best clients or customers, a strong brand identity will also repel those not-so-suitable clients without wasting any extra time on discovery calls or emails. We all have a desire to be liked, but just like humans, our brands simply cannot and will not be liked by everyone – and that’s okay! The same way that you wouldn’t want to hang out with someone you don’t get along with, you shouldn’t have to work with clients who you don’t vibe with.

The beauty of brand archetypes is that they help you determine how you can best serve the world without losing your sense of self. Plus, they provide an amazing sense of clarity and focus – making it easy to delegate, grow, and scale your business.

Let’s start by identifying YOUR primary brand archetypes.

There are 12 archetypes total – each with their own set of Demand Triggers. These are the traits that best describe your brand (and what attracts your customers or clients). To uncover your 2 primary archetypes, take my FREE QUIZ!

Your results will offer a basic framework of what it means to be a Magician, Sage, Creator, Maverick, etc… so you can begin to shape your branding around your own innate truths.

Once you’ve discovered your 2 main archetypes, show them off!

Use your archetypes as a guide for making on-brand decisions. By understanding your inner-brand, you can easily select fonts, colors, photo styles, patterns, processes, words and phrases, and so much more to perfectly tie into your newfound identity and resonate with your ideal audience.

Remember: humans make decisions emotionally! By allowing your brand’s unique personality to shine through, you’re setting yourself up to attract your best customers and clients, build lasting and meaningful connections, and ultimately get paid to be more YOU.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Uncover your Brand Archetypes today, and unlock your most genuine brand.

Trust me – your business, schedule, and future clients will thank you!

Kaye Putnam

Kaye Putnam is a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. Through work with hundreds of clients from global brands to solo business owners, she developed The Clarity Code. She believes in pursuing audacious dreams and that there is genius that lives inside every entrepreneur. When you have a clear brand, your clients love, respect, and are willing to pay premium prices for your work. It gives you the clarity and confidence to scale your impact and income.