Marketing online begins with your website. It’s as simple as that.

Having a website isn’t optional, and neither is marketing. You can’t have just one, and you can’t do without. 

Your website is the first step in your marketing strategy, because it’s the place that attracts and informs your site visitors.

Small businesses can’t afford a huge marketing budget, so they need to make every dollar count. In this guide, we have not only broken down why your website is so important, but we have also broken down what parts of your website need to be in place and how to go about changing them.

Put your website to work, and start winning more of the customers you want.

Take a look below!


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Chapter 1

The Purpose Of A Website: Your Website Is A Salesperson, Not A Business Card

Unlike what you may think, your website isn’t supposed to just sit there.

If your website is passive, then it’s also missing tons of new leads and customers who want your services. Your website is a 24 / 7 salesperson working for your business.

And just like a salesperson, your website should be:

  1. Not just a resource
  2. Proactively generating leads
  3. Not just “hoping” people will find it
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Chapter 2

The Ultimate Guide To Affordable Web Design

Most “affordable web design” guides show you how to navigate the technical terrain of designing your website.

Not this guide.

This guide is the unlocked process Enable goes through to design conversion-focused websites for small businesses.

Small businesses don’t care about getting fancy, they care about targeting the right customers, attracting them to their site, and moving them through the sales process all online.

Successful websites share similar traits, and we’ve broken these traits down for small businesses, healthcare facilities, home services, and law firms.

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Chapter 3

What Makes A Website Visually Appealing

According to Stanford University, 46% of site visitors decide if they trust a company based on its visual presentation with 1 second of being on their website.

You can’t afford to lose half of your site visitors.

By focusing on four things, you can ensure that your website visitors love your website, and have a helpful and informative user experience when visiting your site.

This article breaks down these four aspects of your website:

  • Design & Color
  • Pictures & Graphics
  • Usability, and
  • Consistency
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Chapter 4

If You Build It, They Won’t Come: The Key To A Website Marketing Strategy

Just because you built a site, even a really good site, doesn’t mean you’re going to get visitors.

The problem all marketing efforts try to solve is the obscurity problem. If people don’t know about you, then they can’t buy from you.

There are three ways your website can be put to work to start finding you customers, and we break them down in this article.

We discuss:

  • An SEO-friendly site structure
  • Content creation, and
  • Paid advertising

Don’t leave your business up to chance.

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Chapter 5

4 Proven Web Design Tips & Insights on 2017 Trends – Expert Series

Web design has changed a lot in the last decade, and if you want your website to attract visitors, then you’ve got to stick out.

In this article, we give you tips from the experts on web design that you should implement on your site.

These include:

  • Bold, clear typography
  • Conscious visuals
  • Creative color schemes, and
  • Story telling

Don’t let your customers down by making their experience anything but helpful.

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Chapter 6

Marketing Q&A Series July 2017: Web Design

We want to answer your questions about marketing.

And in order to do that, we’ve taken all the questions we’ve gotten from clients, site visitors, and prospects about digital marketing, and we’ve compile our answers for you to reference.

This month, we answered the questions:

  1. “What can I do to make my website more interesting,” and
  2. “Which Is Better, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly?”

Want to know what we said?